Deliver software that works

Build quality, speed, and resilience into your software delivery process, so that your software goes where it needs to go, consistently and efficiently, every time.

Develop a foundation for continual success

BrettOps will help you take control of your software delivery process, and reach new levels of developer productivity.

Make success a habit

Rapid and reliable software delivery is the product of habit. We help you develop your framework for consistent, repeatable software delivery and teach you how to execute on it.

Build on solid ground

We maintain a catalog of solutions to common infrastructure problems. We'll use these ingredients to develop a recipe that works for your business, shortening your on-ramp from weeks to days.

We're in this together

Through presentations and one-on-one mentoring, we engage with your team to demonstrate, support, and advocate for better processes, to ensure a successful infrastructure rollout.

Make work visible

Trace the flow of value through your organization, and get the information you need to understand your work products, identify bottlenecks, and accelerate your flow rate.

We enable the "last mile" of development

Ready to turn your project into a product? We'll help you get over the finish line. As a bonus, you'll get distribution, traceability, and reproducibility by default.


Quickly roll out test frameworks, static analysis tools, style enforcement, and security scanners, to dramatically improve code quality and reduce costly errors.


Build for every target architecture, platform, and operating system as easily as for your own desktop, and guarantee successful installation before shipping.


Easily publish your software to native package managers, public or private, and support internal and external consumers alike using the same tool set.

Our tech stack, optimized for your team

We invest heavily in supporting these key tools to ensure rapid and correct delivery of solutions to you.


What Python lacks in speed, it makes up for in versatility and productivity. You can solve problems fast, and everyone on your team can contribute.


We do containers right, from deploying Kubernetes in the cloud, to Balena on embedded devices, or custom-delivered solutions for your company.


Terraform is the gold standard for multi-cloud automation, allowing you to manage hundreds of resources as easily as you would manage one, across services and environments.


GitLab is a powerful all-in-one developer platform, and allows you to deliver a robust software supply chain while eliminating the need to stand up dozens of extra services.

We write about what we do

We are always on a journey of learning and discovery, and we'll constantly share what we learn with you. Check back for news, updates, and reports from the field.

Start delivering software

Contact us today to see how we can accelerate your development and get your code in front of users now.