The resources on this page are available for use in automation and infrastructure projects.

All projects on this page are available under the MIT license.

ansible / roles

NamePipeline StatusDescription
kubectlpipeline statusInstall kubectl.


Containers to enable and optimize CI/CD pipelines.

NamePipeline StatusDescription
crosstool-ngpipeline statuscrosstool-NG container.
godotpipeline statusGodot container.
inkscapepipeline statusInkscape container.
lighthousepipeline statusLighthouse container.
marppipeline statusMarp CLI container.
mplab-xc-compilerpipeline statusMPLAB XC compiler containers.


GitLab CI/CD pipelines for accomplishing specific tasks.

NamePipeline StatusDescription
ansiblepipeline statusAutomate infrastructure with Ansible.
containerpipeline statusBuild OCI container images.
generic-packagepipeline statusPublish files to the GitLab Generic Packages Repository.
helmpipeline statusBuild and publish Helm charts.
hugopipeline statusPublish static sites with Hugo.
marppipeline statusBuild slideshows with Marp.
mkdocspipeline statusGenerate documentation with MkDocs.
pagespipeline statusPublish static sites to GitLab Pages.
prettierpipeline statusFormat things with Prettier.
pythonpipeline statusBuild, test, and release Python packages.
python-pyinstallerpipeline statusBuild standalone Python applications with Pyinstaller.
terraformpipeline statusDeploy infrastructure with Terraform.
zolapipeline statusBuild static sites with Zola.