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Brett Weir 24 min read

Schedule GitLab CI/CD pipelines with Terraform

Feb 27, 2023 — You run a pipeline on every commit, right? But what if you haven't committed in awhile? In this article, we'll automate a weekly pipeline schedule to exercise all projects, active or not.

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Brett Weir 20 min read

Lighthouse testing with CI

Follow along as I automate Lighthouse for the first time

Feb 5, 2023 — If you want to really understand how something works, you gotta spend some time with it. Let's see what it would take to create our own Lighthouse CI/CD, without using the packaged solution.

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Brett Weir 5 min read

Build an Inkscape container

Automate Inkscape image exports in CI

Jan 6, 2023 — We'll walk you through creating an Inkscape container to run in CI jobs, and prove that you can automate just about anything with a command line interface.

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Brett Weir 8 min read

GitLab is a bargain

Some things you don't need to worry about if you use GitLab

Dec 30, 2022 — GitLab seems expensive, but when you consider what you'd need to buy to replace it, the price starts looking pretty reasonable.

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Brett Weir 4 min read

Proxy Docker images via GitLab

Overcome Docker Hub rate limiting and improve resilience

Dec 28, 2022 — Docker Hub limits the rate at which you can pull container images. Here's how you can use GitLab's built-in image proxy to get around these limits.

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