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Brett Weir 5 min read Part of the Dockerfile idioms series

The apt sandwich

Mar 2, 2023 — Learn how to make your Debian-based containers dramatically smaller without having to switch to another base image.

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Brett Weir 14 min read

Transfer files with ssh

An exploration of the flexibility of Unix command line tools

Feb 20, 2023 — Unix tools are designed to be useful in new ways that tool authors don't anticipate. In this article, we'll use ssh to re-create the functionality of scp.

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Brett Weir 18 min read

Write great command line utilities with Python

Feb 13, 2023 — Learn how to create simple, standalone, useful Python CLI tools to solve even the most mundane infrastructure problems, so that you can start automating everything.

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Brett Weir 6 min read

Use pyenv for local Python development

Jan 27, 2023 — Learn how to use pyenv to bootstrap isolated Python installations, so that you can have the best of containers and local development.

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Brett Weir 7 min read

Find missing files in Linux

How to find things you need on a Linux machine

Jan 9, 2023 — Not every missing file requires a trip to StackOverflow. With a little knowledge of your system, you can often troubleshoot problems faster and without leaving the terminal.

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